How to install your Blue Performance Bunknet

Blue Performance bunknet keeps you from rolling out of bed in rough weather.

1 Remove the mattress.

BUNKNET installation 1

2 Place the bunknet with silver side up. Check if final height of the bunknet is ok.

BUNKNET installation 2

3 Choose a hole in the webbing closest to the front edge of the seat. Fix 5 x screw throught the webbing

BUNKNET installation 3

4 Cut the remainder of the webbing in between the stitching and dispose.

BUNKNET installation 4

5 Make a connection from a fixed point on the boat to the D-rings fitted on the ends of the bunknet.

BUNKNET installation 5

6 Stow away underneath the mattress when not used.

BUNKNET installation 6