Installation of Blue Performance cockpit bags

Blue Performance cockpit and bulkhead bags are clipped on to small white hooks screwed into the boat. Bags can be removed easily for stowage.

1 Choose the right location on board

Cockpitbag installation 1

2 Using the drill pattern supplied drill four 3mm holes in the boat for each corner position.

Cockpitbag installation 2

3 Screw the small white Blue Performance hooks in place, using the countersunk screws provided.

Cockpitbag installation 3

4 Place upper loops on upper hooks.

Cockpitbag installation 4

5 The back of each product has loops in each corner. Hang the top two cord loops over the hooks and stretch the two bottom elastic loops over the lower hooks.

Cockpitbag installation 5

6 The elastic loops hold the bag securely in place and are tagged to assist clipping them on and off.

Cockpitbag installation 6